Provine Helicopters operates six turbine-powered helicopters including five JetRangers and one LongRange.

Each of our six spray helicopters are fitted with double flow Microfoil booms for equalized pressure. The booms are fitted with Accuflow nozzles that allow us to customize the orfice size to accommodate different spray jobs. Each nozzle has an array of 32 needle outlets in a circular configuration. Our system operates with 20 psi boom pressure and under 5 psi nozzle pressure. This boom/nozzle combination produces droplet sizes of 1,000-1,500 microns, depending on which orifice we are using.

Provine Helicopters disassembles all of our booms at the end of each season and bench tests every nozzle under operating pressure. These tests help us ensure the uniformity essential to a good application. Because our boom/nozzle configuration creates such a uniform droplet size, we have better control of the spray and can fly in higher winds.

Our ground support fleet consists of 11 tandem-axle batch trucks with landing platforms, jet fuel tanks, water tanks and mixing tanks. In addition, we operate 12 pickup trucks and seven heavy-duty, tandem-axle trailers equipped with lift gates. Flight operations are also supported by a 1,000 gallon fuel trailer.