Provine has invested in competitive technologies for every helicopter we operate. Each unit is equipped with top-of-the-line SATLOC GPS systems. This technology makes it possible to spray each tract with extreme accuracy by predetermining the flight plan and boundaries of the areas to be treated. In addition to application accuracy, it also produces a digital record of the entire process -- what we sprayed, airspeed, altitude, and time of day.

Provine began using GPS in 1994. We were one of the first to install them in helicopters and spray with them – we even require our contractors to use this system. The data from every job is brought to the office on SATLOC cards. The data is then transferred to our computer system and finally archived on CD's as a permanent record. This information is always available for customer review.

All of our ground support vehicles have on board GPS systems with moving map displays. This makes site location quick and easy and virtually eliminates the need for additional personnel to scout locations in advance. In addition, we have recently added a new technology - aerial application control extension (AerialACE) - to all of our helicopters. The AerialACE helps provide uniform chemical application, regardless of ground speed or wind as it automatically applies the proper rate of spray at the proper time using a variable or constant rate. In addition, flow data is displayed systematically in the cockpit, allowing pilots to see the exact amount of chemical and water they are dispersing. With the AerialACE, Provine Helicopters can ensure that you are getting the exact prescription for your contract by providing you with a print out of the job, as seen here.