Aerial Application
Operating under an FAR part 137 Certificate, Provine's combination of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced pilots and ground crews guarantees the most professional aerial application program money can buy. In order to better serve the needs of its clients, Provine offers a wide range of aerial application services including forestry, row crop, aquatic and utility right-of-way.

Opportunities to enhance forest productivity through vegetation management are estimated to exist on more than 40 percent of commercial forestland. Numerous studies indicate that volume growth can be doubled when competing vegetation is controlled.

 Why use aerial application?

Aerial Survey
Through the use of any of our 11 helicopters, Provine Helicopters offers the service of aerial surveying. Most commonly used to survey forest land, we also have the abilities to assist in surveying of personal property, road ways and much more.

Provine offers services for prescribed fires that are often set using a helicopter. The aircraft carries a supply of incendiary devices the staff refers to as "ping pong balls." As the balls are dropped from the helicopter, small spot fires are started in a tight pattern along a predetermined fire line. This allows for a very predictable and accurate prescribed burn.

Operating under an FAR Part 135 certificate, Provine Helicopters offers business travel in rotary-wing aircraft. One Bell LongRanger is available for charter seating four to five passengers.

Provine Helicopters has 30 years of experience in the business of aircraft operations and boasts an impeccable record of safety and dependability. All aircraft are serviced on a regular basis by our highly-skilled, in-house maintenance staff, who uphold the highest standards in safety. Our pilots are all FAA certified professionals with 154 years of combined spray experience.

Provine Helicopters is capable of aiding in firefighting by hauling water, retardant, or foam mix that acts as an extinguishing agent.